My book about Tinnitus: The Holy Humming

Dear friends, I have recently finished writing a book about my experience with tinnitus* which in my case took a musical form.  I have registered my book in the 3rd Indie Writers Literary Competition (in Spanish) organized by Amazon and it is now displayed on the Amazon webpage as a digital book (check it out here). From there you can read the introduction and the first few pages.  Digital books are usually cheaper than printed ones and the price of mine is US$7 or €6.25 in Europe. Besides the assessment made of the contents of the book by the panel of judges, the competitive rating of the book increases the more times the book is purchased or borrowed, so l will be very grateful to any of you who decides to purchase it.  In order to read the book once you have purchased it, you only need to download the free Kindle app from Amazon and install it on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The title of my book is "El Santo Zumbido" (The Holy Humming. An approach to tinnitus from science, music and mysticism). Thanking you in advance for your support.

*In a future post I will describe how I can live with a high level of tinnitus without feeling disturbed nor annoying by it.


Testimony: Anthony Ochoa...his life and attempts for improving.

This is the story of an audio engineer whose life have changed in many ways by hyperacusis.


Excellent sounds for a “sound enrichment therapy”

 photo ASoftMurmurb_zpsce4e3ede.jpg

Here is the link to the “A Soft Murmur” project by Gabriel, a guy who edited, remixed and rearranged many environmental sounds that can be useful when suffering from Hyperacusis and Tinnitus:

With the exception of “Thunder” and “Singing Bowl”, all sounds are very soft. Besides, you can make any combination of them using individual faders.

“I created A Soft Murmur for myself. I like to work in public spaces like libraries and coffee shops, but they can be noisy and distracting.

Listening to ambient helps me focus, and I like being able to mix different sounds together to match the environment I’m in.

Other people seem to like it too, so I’ve kept working on it.”

Gabriel Martin

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